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momentsoffilm momentsoffilm opublikował(a) recenzję filmu A Thousand Kisses Deep

The first film I've seen at this year's Raindance Festival, A Thosand Kisses Deep opening words and title are from the Leonard Cohen song of the same name and through it's metaphor of relationships that Przeczytaj artykuł

momentsoffilm momentsoffilm opublikował(a) recenzję filmu Body temperature

Nicely directed by Takaomi Ogata, this mild mannered film about a man's relationship with his sex doll is a true indie delight which, through simple exquisite production explores the value of messy human Przeczytaj artykuł

momentsoffilm momentsoffilm ocenił(a) Body temperature i 1 inny film

8 gwiazdki

momentsoffilm momentsoffilm ocenił(a) A Thousand Kisses Deep

5 gwiazdki